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Machine Owner Partner

Start a professional farm mechanisation business journey with us and our commitment to you is "Higher Business, Higher Income" from farm mechanisation service business.

Role and Responsibilities

  • To provide farm mechanisation services as per given schedule

Role of Company

  • Assured Business
    • Higher commitment hours
    • Higher Rates
  • On-site Maintenance Service
    • On Call, On Site
    • Discounted price of Spare Parts and Labour Charges
  • Equipment Support
    • We provide additional machines for higher revenue
    • New product and service lines for higher revenue
  • Technology
    • Mobile application for managing the business
    • Telematics for remote monitoring of Assets
Our Requirements



Machine - Farm Equipment

Minimum 1 Harvester or Transplanter or Tractor


Investment Range

Existing Machines or Minimum 6 Lakh


Estimated ROI

50% and above


Agreement & Terms

Minimum 3-year agreement, Renewable

For Queries

Get in touch with us to get it solved.

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