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Traxi Workshop - On Demand Maintenance Services

Farming operations are time sensitive operations hence machine uptime is critical for successful operation. Machine uptime is also very crucial for Machine Entrepreneur profitability from custom hiring operations. We have built “Traxi Workshop – On Call, On Site Maintenance Services” solutions to commercial grade machinery, large fleet owners where we provide on-call, on-site repair maintenance services for advanced farm machinery.

We have built a network of freelance service technicians across the country and across machinery categories such as Tractor, Harvesters, Transplanter, Boom Sprayer, and allied machinery.

Farmer Value Preposition

On-Demand Farm Services

Delivering on-demand farm mechanization with the highest level of service quality

Escorts Crop Solutions offers end to end, high-quality farm mechanization and technology services to farmers through Advance Machines, Trained Operator on pay, and use model

Advance Machine

For each application.

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Trained Operators

For High Quality Service

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Pay and Use Model

Through Mechanisation

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